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Jarrod 12 days ago


The BEST sandwich I've had. Bread fresh. Meat and cheese fresh. Price insanely cheap for what you get. I can live on these sandwiches.

Peachesandme 14 days ago


This sandwich was soooooo delicious. I can't remember ever having a sandwich I could go gaga over...but his was fantastic. Tomorrow we will be in the area and we will be stopping in for another type of sandwich. I might try the Toledo.

Genngarcia 20 days ago

Cheese Ravioli

Absolutely love the cheese ravioli, it's amazing. Also the torpedo sandwich is a hit with our family. Anytime we have a trip or a sports game we pick up about five of these, they're delicious and filling. The staff is always accommodating and the restaurant/ bakery itself is always clean and presentable. Definitely recommend coming to Giuliano's if you want authentic Italian food!

Zennypenny2005 26 days ago

Baked Mostaccioli

Love this pasta dish I've been eating it since I was little. Delicious and being back my childhood memories

Jim 28 days ago

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Really great food and super friendly staff. Will come again for sure.

Jordanlievois 2 months ago


The Giulio was delicious, I would suggest adding the Giuliano's Vinaigrette to it as well!

Batongirl59 2 months ago


Nothing compares to a Giuliano's Meatball Sandwich. Right when walking in the door, the wonderful Giuliano's delicious scents just draws me in. We'll be back! (maybe to try your Holiday Pies). Thank you, Jill C.

Adorrene 2 months ago

Crumbled Meatball with Cheese

This is the BEST meatball sandwich EVER! The meat has so much flavor! My family has been getting these since I was a kid. It's a family tradition. Delicico! 👌🏻

Smcquiggan2021 2 months ago

Fried Ravioli

Absolutely delicious!

Lmlmolina 2 months ago

Mediterranean Taco

This was amazing. I want more. Please add to menu!

Kimmykali27 3 months ago

Chicken Fettuccini Picante

This place is amazing. My favorite Italian restaurant. Everything is perfect. Getting a birthday cake for my daughter here next month.

J 3 months ago


Everything here is AMAZING! My first sandwich that I tried here was the Gaetano & it had me hooked. I'm originally from New England so finding a place like this is like finding a piece of home in Cali!

Paul723 3 months ago

The Torpedo


Lisa 4 months ago


I have always loved their meatball sandwiches, but I decided to try something new. The meatball Stromboli was amazing. The flavor of the cheese and meatballs wrapped in fresh baked pizza dough is delicious. I prefer the marinara dipping sauce. It's my new favorite!

Wiley33 4 months ago

Submarine Sandwich Tray

Great sandwiches. Never disappointed in the food and service.

Jjoyce52 5 months ago

The Torpedo

Grew up in the bay going to Gardena and Torrance location and when I am visiting my hometown from Seattle, we always stop a Giuliano's and grab 8-10 torpedos to take home for our family and friends.

Juniperbumblebee 5 months ago

Chicken Parmigiano

I love their sandwiches but this one is my favorite.

1jeffstrauss 5 months ago


Have you had the crumbled meatball Sandwhich ? It's Southbay's finest when your extra hungry, but their very best is the Giulio, So Go LARGE & make sure you get a side of the secret sauce with it. You'll thank me later 🤙🏽

Gia7677 13 days ago


This is the best sandwich that they have here. Its my go-to cold sandwich. The capocollo gives it a nice kick and flavor along with the peperoncinis. 👌😋

Ebbes44 16 days ago

The Torpedo

We love the Giuliano's Torpedo sandwiches! We have been eating them since we were little. They were our family's go-to food for road trips and picnics. My mom would cut it into 8 pieces - so delicious and easy to eat. Now that I have a family of my own, I buy them for certain special occasions and gatherings as they have a special place in our hearts. As delicious as ever!

Chennaedjames 21 days ago

Antipasto Salad

It's so filling and delicious!

Shgarver 26 days ago

The Torpedo

The Torpedo is a family favorite in my household. I usually run in and get 2 large Torpedos for lunch or dinner when we get the craving for a yummy torpedo. Only takes a few minutes for them to prepare, so you don't have to wait long.

Jreed about 2 months ago

Chicken Parmigiano

Great Italian deli! It's been a Saturday afternoon staple for years. Love their sandwiches and bakery. A super friendly staff complete the package.

Dindoandrita 2 months ago

French Dip

We love the French Dip Hot Sandwich! It's meaty, and the au jus is delicious. The bread is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Goldcoins101 2 months ago

Crumbled Meatball with Cheese

I love coming here! The food is always fresh and a great value for my money. The staff is also extremely friendly and helpful. I still need to come in for the All you can eat spaghetti!

Dream2table 2 months ago

American Cold Cut Tray

My family has been going to Guilianos for years. Our favorite is the antipasto platters and the delicious hot food section. I live pretty far now, so when family comes to visit.... this is always my request.

Laurie 2 months ago

Submarine Sandwich Tray

Great food, great service

Leonarda777 3 months ago

Chicken Parmigiano Stromboli

Delicious! Best restaurant in south bay

Alviarvalerie 3 months ago

Eggplant Parmigiano

I must say I had my doubts about trying their frozen pre-packed meals first before trying the made fresh to order version of the Eggplant Parmigiana. However, I was not disappointed! If I liked a frozen version of my favorite dish I'm confident the made fresh to order will make me A loyal and happy customer for life

Agd90210 3 months ago

Crumbled Meatball with Cheese

This is my son's favorite. I have never seen a 9 year old be able to eat such a beast of a sandwich....but he does it. Crumbled juicy meatballs, make it easier to eat. Delicious.

Hhsnicolas 3 months ago

Eggplant Parmigiano

This time machine of an old-school Italian deli was a hidden treasure, and more so, an absolute DELIGHT!!!! From the moment my husband and I stepped through the door, we were goners! We recently moved into the neighborhood and were looking for something to make a tradition out of, and boy, (never "Boyardee" again, that's for sure!!), did we ever find it in Giuliano's! From start to finish, our eyes, our noses, and our ears were treated to the tempting prelude to what would culminate in the ultimate gift to our taste-buds. For us last Sunday, that gift was the Eggplant Parmigiano. The dish was completely bursting with flavor, so much so that you're caught in a web of fresh cheese and herbs, and you don't want to escape! It's seasoned and crusted to perfection, and you can taste the love and years of tradition packed into every plate. Plates which, no doubt, are guaranteed to be picked spotlessly clean, every time! Giuliano's may inspire love at first sight with its intimate and familiar decor and lighting, but the Eggplant Parmigiano is definitely love at first bite! The service and the atmosphere and, above all, the FLAVOR, is how you very quickly became a staple in the growing line-up of traditions in the Reyes Family! Thank you, Giuliano's, for making this new family feel right at home! We'll be coming back every weekend for lunch for many years to come!

Xccontinental 4 months ago


Giuliano's Roman Pizzas are the best part of their menu! While I've tried many other items that they offer, the Margherita really takes their pizza game to the next level. They don't use cheap pizza sauce or overly strong American cheese. Instead, their dough (which is the BEST combo of crispy, toasty and chewy) is garnished by mozzarella, fresh basil, and sliced tomatoes. The fresh basil makes a huge difference and the mozzarella is so simple yet rich in flavor. The savoriness of both is countered by the fresh, sweet tomatoes. The Margherita is an oldie but a goodie! Definitely recommend everyone trying Giuliano's Margherita ASAP!

C 5 months ago

The Torpedo

Originally from the east coast, I am always on the search for a good "hero" as we called them. The Torpedo is hard to beat! I crave it, love the bread and fresh deli meats. It's a go-to for our family. I also love being able to pick up some Italian market items and frozen dishes for weeknight dinners. A South Bay favorite!

Tcole6278 5 months ago

The Torpedo

My wife grew up enjoying Giuliano's and each time we're near your Torrance location, we stop in and load up on Torpedo's. We visited yesterday and left with eight (8) Torpedo's that we shared with family and friends. We love Giuliano's and we'll be back soon! Thanks for always being our to-go for great sandwiches. We love us some Giuliano's! Tom Cole

1jeffstrauss 5 months ago

Crumbled Meatball with Cheese

Oh mama .... can't wait 😊


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