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Hhsnicolas about 22 hours ago

Eggplant Parmigiano

This time machine of an old-school Italian deli was a hidden treasure, and more so, an absolute DELIGHT!!!! From the moment my husband and I stepped through the door, we were goners! We recently moved into the neighborhood and were looking for something to make a tradition out of, and boy, (never "Boyardee" again, that's for sure!!), did we ever find it in Giuliano's! From start to finish, our eyes, our noses, and our ears were treated to the tempting prelude to what would culminate in the ultimate gift to our taste-buds. For us last Sunday, that gift was the Eggplant Parmigiano. The dish was completely bursting with flavor, so much so that you're caught in a web of fresh cheese and herbs, and you don't want to escape! It's seasoned and crusted to perfection, and you can taste the love and years of tradition packed into every plate. Plates which, no doubt, are guaranteed to be picked spotlessly clean, every time! Giuliano's may inspire love at first sight with its intimate and familiar decor and lighting, but the Eggplant Parmigiano is definitely love at first bite! The service and the atmosphere and, above all, the FLAVOR, is how you very quickly became a staple in the growing line-up of traditions in the Reyes Family! Thank you, Giuliano's, for making this new family feel right at home! We'll be coming back every weekend for lunch for many years to come!

Xccontinental 22 days ago


Giuliano's Roman Pizzas are the best part of their menu! While I've tried many other items that they offer, the Margherita really takes their pizza game to the next level. They don't use cheap pizza sauce or overly strong American cheese. Instead, their dough (which is the BEST combo of crispy, toasty and chewy) is garnished by mozzarella, fresh basil, and sliced tomatoes. The fresh basil makes a huge difference and the mozzarella is so simple yet rich in flavor. The savoriness of both is countered by the fresh, sweet tomatoes. The Margherita is an oldie but a goodie! Definitely recommend everyone trying Giuliano's Margherita ASAP!

C about 2 months ago

The Torpedo

Originally from the east coast, I am always on the search for a good "hero" as we called them. The Torpedo is hard to beat! I crave it, love the bread and fresh deli meats. It's a go-to for our family. I also love being able to pick up some Italian market items and frozen dishes for weeknight dinners. A South Bay favorite!

Tcole6278 about 2 months ago

The Torpedo

My wife grew up enjoying Giuliano's and each time we're near your Torrance location, we stop in and load up on Torpedo's. We visited yesterday and left with eight (8) Torpedo's that we shared with family and friends. We love Giuliano's and we'll be back soon! Thanks for always being our to-go for great sandwiches. We love us some Giuliano's! Tom Cole

1jeffstrauss about 2 months ago

Crumbled Meatball with Cheese

Oh mama .... can't wait 😊

Spiffygrub about 2 months ago

Cheese Pizza

I have had a little of everything from this amazing place. Pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, desserts, etc! I have never been disappointed! The cheese pizza is a favorite in our family as it is my 2 year old's favorite dinner! He screams with delight when I tell him we are going to Giuliano's to get pizza. This is such a great neighborhood restaurant. The food and the service is always top notch and I am just so glad that we have a place like this close to home. Thank you for always giving us a great family dining experience.

Matt 2 months ago


The cold cuts at Giuliano's are always well made with fresh ingredients. Perfect for lunch or dinner on the go. 5-stars.

Smcquiggan2021 3 months ago

Onion Rings

Favorite onion rings ever. Always come out nice and hot and taste so good.

Leedukes33 3 months ago

Carved Turkey Capri

I give Giuliano's 5stars!!!! I've worked in the area for 2 years and today I finally gave their turkey sandwich a try. FABULOUS. The turkey was thinly cut, moist and tender. The bread was very soft and flavorful. I also tried the kid's portion of spaghetti and meatball and what a surprise. The portion was a lot larger than what I had expected. The giant meatball was very tender with an authentic Italian flavor👌 I will be eating here at least 3 -4 times per week. It was well worth the 2 year wait. I had no idea Giuliano's food was going to be so terrific!!

Izzysehon123 4 months ago

Chicken Parmigiano

Best sandwich ever, everything in it was amazing. It tasted so fresh and healthy. I would definitely recommend eating here! Best Italy food in southbay

Yvonnevarela25 4 months ago

Sicilian Sausage & Peppers Sandwich

This is absolutely the best!! I love spicy and tasty. Thank you for that!!

Dianemoorehead735 4 months ago

Antipasto Salad

I was really tasty

Li5a0415 4 months ago

The Torpedo

By far the best cold sandwich around! I visit here often and it was my first meal after having my son since I couldn't have cold deli meat during my pregnancy. I recommend it to everyone I know and will continue to do so. The bakery section is also a go to. The éclairs and carrot cake are delicious.

Rita 5 months ago

Crumbled Meatball with Cheese

This hot crumbled meatball sandwich is so DELISH! It is my Go To when I just can't pick. There are so many yummy menu items including their baked goods.

Dtinla3 5 months ago

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

This is one of my kid'a favorite dishes! They absolute love their spaghetti! It's a good portion for the price. You can take it To go or eat in. Also my family has been eating here since I was a kid! Try their sandwiches! They are awesome too!

Conor 5 months ago

French Dip

Questo cibo è fantastico. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Buona giornata!

Lisa 8 days ago


I have always loved their meatball sandwiches, but I decided to try something new. The meatball Stromboli was amazing. The flavor of the cheese and meatballs wrapped in fresh baked pizza dough is delicious. I prefer the marinara dipping sauce. It's my new favorite!

Wiley33 about 1 month ago

Submarine Sandwich Tray

Great sandwiches. Never disappointed in the food and service.

Jjoyce52 about 2 months ago

The Torpedo

Grew up in the bay going to Gardena and Torrance location and when I am visiting my hometown from Seattle, we always stop a Giuliano's and grab 8-10 torpedos to take home for our family and friends.

Juniperbumblebee about 2 months ago

Chicken Parmigiano

I love their sandwiches but this one is my favorite.

1jeffstrauss about 2 months ago


Have you had the crumbled meatball Sandwhich ? It's Southbay's finest when your extra hungry, but their very best is the Giulio, So Go LARGE & make sure you get a side of the secret sauce with it. You'll thank me later 🤙🏽

Knowingjdandme 2 months ago


Our family enjoys this sandwich With the mix of meats, peppers, and Italian dressing it has a lot of flavor.

Playinthesandbox 2 months ago

Sicilian Meatball & Cheese Sandwich

I dream of Italy when I dig into this glorious creation. Sandwich is to plain a word. It is a masterpiece of gooey melted cheese and a sauce that would make your Nonna blush and Meatballs that are amazingly spiced with just the right amount of seasoning. Thank you for the hot lunch!

Deenapuravida 3 months ago

American Cold Cut Tray

My entire family orders from here every time we have a get together of any kind. I order sandwiches to take home every time I visit my parents, since I live in San Diego. They offer a Military discount as well, supporting our troops, which is just another thing that makes them great

Skipolsson 4 months ago

Sicilian Meatball & Cheese Sandwich

By far the best tasting sauce and masterful meatballs that I've had this side of Jersey. Sauce has a great depth to the flavor and the meatballs have always been perfect. The crushed ones may be even better.

Mlmendes4 4 months ago

The Torpedo

This is our favorite "pick up" sandwich for picnics and concerts in the park! Always great, friendly service and the food is fantastic! WE love the torpedo subs and can't imagine our summer without them!

Swimtwin05 4 months ago

Cookie Trays

We were going to a Italian themed event and wanted to pick up an assortment of cookies from Giuliano's. They were pre packaged for an easy pick up and were a hit! Great selection and were delicious! Everyone loved them! 😋

Julie C 4 months ago

Submarine Sandwich Tray

Worth the drive from south OC to get our Giuliano's sandwich fix. Soft chewy bread, crunchy peppers, savory meats, and that Italian dressing that is worth writing home to! I highly recommend!!

Suzenmac2003 4 months ago

Chicken Fettuccini Picante

Absolutely delicious!

Matt 5 months ago

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Meatball dish was delicious. Perfectly cooked. My family enjoyed the entire meal and we will come here again soon!

Sarahmharris 5 months ago

Chicken Marsala

I love coming to Giuliano's Deli because it gives me a feeling of comfort in the form of favorite foods, and discovery in the form of variety like no other with meats, cheeses, pastas and wines! This time I came for lunch! I started with a small antipasto salad and ordered Chicken Marsala because I'm always looking for flavorful but healthier options. The salad was crispy with a great blend of flavors from the salami, cheese, pepperoncini, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and artichoke hearts! Perfect way to wake up my stomach to get ready for the main dish. The chicken marsala had two tender chicken breasts on a bed of pasta. The sweet marsala sauce was light with real chunks of mushroom. It covered the chicken giving it amazing flavor and I love when the flavors transfer I the pasta bringing the meal together. Next time to fully experience the meal, I will come at dinner and pair it with one of their fine selections of wine! Today, I ended my meal with a frothy nonfat latte! #RedondoBeach #ItalianFood

Guest 6 months ago

The Torpedo

One of a kind. Always so fresh.


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